We are really excited to announce that we have a Roswell Pro Audio Delphos II microphone as part of the PMC Songwriting Festival charity auction!! When Roswell reached out to support the charity, I thought they might send one of their excellent, but lower priced mics, so I was blown away when they offered the Delphos II!!

Roswell Pro Audio donated a Delphos II, one of their top of the line studio mics to support the charity efforts of the PMC Songwriting Festival. 100% of the proceeds from the festival go to support community “Aging in Place” efforts which help seniors live independently in their homes. The microphones retail for $999 and the auction will probably be a great chance for someone to get their hands on a brand new high end studio mic at a great price.

The Delphos II is a premium studio condenser microphone, featuring unhyped and natural frequency response, very high sensitivity, and very low self-noise. It has 3 polar patterns (True Cardioid, Omni, Figure 8) and a switchable 10dB pad.

We are so grateful to get this. Not only is someone going to get a great mic at a great price, but it will really make a difference in the amount of money we are able to raise for seniors in the area. Bidding will start at only $300 for this $999 mic.

In addition to the mic, another fantastic music related item we have for auction is a signed copy of Don Passman’s book “All You Need to Know About the Music Business”. This book is widely regarded as the definitive book about the business of music.

We will also have many other great items from local businesses.

The auction will take place during the Saturday (Sept 7) concert. If you do not have a ticket to the concert but are still interested in making a bid on these, and other items, you can stop by the concert after it gets started (after 7pm) and go into the lobby to make a bid.

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